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Let me introduce myself

As you all join us on this journey to bring a craft brewery to our community, I
would like to share stories of my journey into craft beer and our brewery’s
buildout. While some of my stories reflect my personal opinions about certain
beers and destinations, it doesn’t mean that I’m always right. I’m by no means a
craft beer snob or the definitive authority on the craft beer world. I’m just a guy
who loves fresh, good beer and wants to share that passion with all of you. Join
me and my wife, Dee, as we strive to “Make Rockport Brewtiful.”

Thank you for visiting our website. I will be covering various aspects of craft beer,
including its history, current events, updates on our brewery’s progress, and
sharing some of my personal beer-related stories to give you a sense of where
I’m coming from. Let’s work together to make our area of the bay (Bay Area
Brewing Company) a hot spot for fresh craft beer. We’ll have a range of offerings,
from crushable lagers that are crisp and refreshing to hop-forward IPAs, and
many other styles.

Like many other businesses, opening a brewery requires careful planning and
time. While I sometimes feel impatient and want to make things happen quickly,
there are numerous laws and licensing requirements in the world of beer that
take time to navigate. When we reach those stages, we will keep you informed
and updated. Additionally, we plan to attend various events in the future, and
we’ll share those dates on social media. We hope to meet you all soon, engage
in beer conversations, and discuss what we have brewing up.


Will Amaya

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