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Our Root Beer Adventure

At Bay Area Brewing Company, we believe in crafting more than just great beer. Our journey into homemade craft sodas, especially root beer, is a story rooted in family, community, and a little bit of fizz. Inspired by our head brewer and owner, Will, whose number one passion is providing for his family, our root beer venture started with a simple potluck request: “Just bring the root beer.”

Will experimented with several variations, combining sassafras, caramel, ginger, vanilla bean, brown sugar, Mexican vanilla, marshmallows, and other ingredients to find the perfect blend. After many taste tests, tweaks, and a few burps, Bay Area Brewing Company’s unique, smooth, and enjoyable non-alcoholic root beer was born. This family-friendly offering quickly became a hit, proving that even a brewery can cater to all ages.

A Brief History of Root Beer

Root beer has a long history dating back to indigenous peoples who brewed beverages from sassafras roots. In the 19th century, it gained popularity in America as a medicinal tonic. By the late 1800s, commercial root beer became widespread, with pharmacists and soda fountains offering it as a refreshing drink. Today, craft breweries across the country are reviving root beer, blending traditional methods with modern twists to create unique, flavorful sodas that appeal to both kids and adults.

Community and Family Fun

One of the joys of having a brewery in Rockport is creating a space that’s more than just a bar. It’s a community gathering spot where families can come together. Kids at breweries are part of this unique experience, making our venue a lively place where everyone feels welcome. We wanted to ensure that even the youngest members of the family could enjoy a special treat, which led us to our next exciting addition: root beer floats.

When we discovered Blue Bunny ice cream had recently introduced individually wrapped single vanilla bean scoops, it was the perfect timing. These scoops are a clean, effortless treat that pairs beautifully with our homemade root beer, creating a classic root beer float that’s sure to bring smiles.

Fun for the Whole Family

At Bay Area Brewing Company, we’re not just about making great beer for adults. We’re excited about incorporating unique refreshment experiences for the whole family. As we plant our business roots here in Rockport, we’re one of the few family-friendly social establishments. We look forward to adding more menu items and activities that bring families together, creating memories and making people want to return with friends and family for more good times.

Brewer’s Note

Will, our Head Brewer and the inspiration behind our craft sodas, has a special message for you:

“Creating our root beer has been a fun challenge in finding a balance with flavors and sweetness. I have been working on this for years, and finally have something both kids and adults will enjoy. From your first sip to your last it’s great till the end.”

So, next time you visit, try our craft root beer and see why we’re “Making Rockport Brewtiful” – one frothy mug at a time!

If any of our readers know of any Root Beer Brewing contests, we would love to enter Will’s root beer. Leave us a message or comment below.

Diedra Amaya, Co-owner

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