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Embarking on our Grand Opening at Bay Area Brewing Company was an exhilarating journey filled with excitement and valuable lessons. We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from our community, with over 380 paying customers and 900 event attendees. Despite the success, we encountered some hiccups along the way. From slow-pouring taps to temperature adjustments, we faced these challenges head-on with determination and a touch of humor.

Confession time: In our eagerness to ensure smooth operations, we made a plumbing decision that ended up backfiring—literally. We thought we were being clever by replumbing the toilet and dishwasher directly instead of routing them through our RO filter to avoid competition. However, this brilliant plan resulted in the throne needing replacement for flushing efficiency, and our dishwasher suffering from horrible scaling due to city water. Lesson learned: sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. We’re currently on the hunt for products to tackle the scaling issue and restore our glasses to their sparkling glory.

On the beer front, our initial excitement was slightly dampened by slow-pouring taps and carbonation issues. Despite our brand new adjustable flow tap system, we discovered that the coupler seals were using a weak material, causing a loss of CO2 pressure. To address this, we reached out to the supplier for quality assurance assistance. After some back and forth and mechanical support, we identified the problem and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of new couplers and seals in early May to rectify the issue.

Additionally, we received feedback about the temperature in our cooler not being cold enough. While we had initially set it to maintain at 41 degrees, we realized this wasn’t adequate for the South Texas heat. With a few tech support calls to our walk-in cooler supplier, we were able to adjust the cooling governor and lower the temperature to 36 degrees, ensuring our beer stays refreshingly cold even as the temperatures rise.

Despite these challenges, our team remained resilient, learning and growing with each setback. We’ve taken proactive steps to address issues, from improving our payment options to fine-tuning our tap system. With Will, our dedicated head brewer, ensuring strict cleanliness and quality standards, we’re committed to delivering exceptional beer to our patrons.

Looking ahead, we’re excited about the future of Bay Area Brewing Company. In addition to addressing our operational challenges, we’re planning upgrades for our beer garden to enhance the overall experience for our patrons. This includes adding a play area with a climbing slide platform and covering the stage area to protect against minor weather interruptions and enhance aesthetics. Our goal is to provide a vibrant and family-friendly environment where everyone can enjoy great beer and live music.

We’re grateful for the support of our community and fellow small business owners, and we’re honored to represent Rockport on The Bend Magazine’s Local’s List.

As we navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, one thing remains constant: our passion for crafting great beer and fostering a sense of camaraderie among our patrons. We’re grateful for the journey thus far and look forward to many more years of sharing good times and great brews with our beloved community.

Cheers to forging ahead and embracing the adventure together!

Diedra Amaya

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