Bay Area Brewing

Making Rockport Brewtiful!

The Brewtiful Balancing Act:

Food Trucks and Flavorful Fun Here at Bay Area Brewing Company, we believe in “Making Rockport Brewtiful“, and that means supporting our local businesses and providing a great experience for our community. But let’s talk about one thing that’s been a bit tricky: Food Trucks.  Picture this: you’re in a big city, and food trucks are everywhere, zipping around from event to event, bringing a variety of flavors to the streets. Sounds exciting, right? Well, in Rockport, things are a little different. Our food trucks tend to find a nice, cozy spot, settle down, and stay put. They become a reliable favorite for locals, kind of like the old corner diner.  So, when we opened Bay Area Brewing Company 10 weeks ago, we had dreams of a rotating lineup of food trucks offering all sorts of adventurous eats. But here’s the rub: Rockport’s food scene and our steady stream of visitors make that a tough nut to crack. We quickly realized that asking food trucks to pop up at our brewery wasn’t fair to them. They need consistent foot traffic, and while our community is wonderfully supportive, it’s not quite the bustling city crowd a rotating food truck schedule demands. We didn’t want to disappoint the hardworking food truck owners who pour their hearts into their delicious creations. As retired Navy Chiefs, we’ve learned to adapt and overcome challenges, and this was no different. We listened, we learned, and we adjusted our sails. So, we’re thrilled to introduce our own small but mighty knockout Eats Menu! You can now enjoy our Buffalo Flavored Wings, 8” pizzas in 4 cheese or pepperoni, and warm fluffy pretzels in both Bavarian and sourdough styles. It’s a simple, satisfying selection designed to complement our brews perfectly. At Bay Area Brewing Company, our mission is to be locally inspired, bringing together Rockport locals and visitors alike in an enjoyable space. While we may not have a parade of food trucks rolling through, we’re committed to offering a delicious and delightful experience. Come on by, grab a bite, and let’s keep “Making Rockport Brewtiful” together! Diedra Amaya, Co-owner

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