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Making Rockport Brewtiful!

A Toast to Success!

Our debut event Made Rockport Brewtiful, seasoned with a sprinkle of lessons learned along the way. Here’s the scoop: 

**Brews & Bites:** We ditched the usual pub grub clichés and served up first-class culinary creations that proved our beers are more than just wingmen for wings. Shoutout to The Salsa Boss and his better half, Rebecca, for spicing up the evening! We’re eagerly anticipating more tasty collaborations once they make the hop down to Rockport.

**Location, Location, Libation:** Our soirée at Rockport Beach Pavilion boasted a view that could rival the best brews in town. Sure, it cost a pretty penny, but hey, good taste comes at a price, right? We’re eyeing a repeat performance at this stellar spot as we brew up our local rep. And if the community can’t come to us, we’ll bring the party to them—stay tuned!

**Entertainment Extravaganza:** We brought a taste of city flair to our rural neck of the woods, serving up an experience that’s as rare as a unicorn in a brewery. From photo ops galore to flavor-filled chats with our chef and brewmaster, the good times flowed as smoothly as our finest TexMex Lager.

**Timing Is Everything:** Lesson learned—maybe we bit off more than we could chew with our first event. But hey, we’re not ones to shy away from a challenge! Next time, we’ll swap the late-night vibes for a sun-soaked lunch affair, ensuring our guests can savor every sip and sunset.

**VIP Treatment:** Our VIP guests got the royal treatment, but we’re brewing up some extra-special perks for next time. Free photos? Bonus bites? The possibilities are endless! And note to self: prime seating should come with prime views—no reflections allowed!

**Brew with a View:** Our beers might’ve had a bit of a rocky ride to the party, but fear not! New equipment is on the horizon, promising crystal-clear brews that’ll put a smile on every sipper’s face. Next stop: the Texas Mariners Museum’s Wine Festival and appearances at Rockport Fulton Market Days and beyond!

So there you have it, folks—our inaugural soirée may have had its ups and downs, but we’re raising a glass to the journey ahead. Cheers to good beer, great food, and even better company!


Diedra Amaya

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